Diseases which may be prevented or cured by means of therapeutic fasting and caloric restriction
(experimental and clinical evidence: click to see scientific report)

Anti-Aging Therapy
Fasting / low-calorie program on Adriatic Sea Coast

The Anti-Aging Fasting Program consists of a 7-28 days program (including three - fourteen fasting days) 7-10-14-18-28-day low-calorie

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Presentation of anti-aging method Presentation of anti-aging method, which can add tens of healthy years to your lifespan

Anti-aging Fasting and Cleansing program on the coast of the Adriatic Sea
Diseases Diseases which may be prevented or cured by means of therapeutic fasting and caloric restriction.


Fasting and cleansing program on the Adriatic Riviera (Croatia)


The Anti-Aging Fasting Program (AAFP) is an innovative approach to wellness designed – through fasting and/or calorie restriction – to cleanse the body of harmful substances, slow down the aging process in order to promote life-extension, and make you feel fitter and healthier. The program is administered in two locations along the beautiful Adriatic coast and runs from one to four weeks (including three to ten fasting days).
Both the fasting and post-fasting phases are closely supervised by a physician and fasting specialist who will tailor the program to your individual needs and requirements. See example of such Plan. At the end of your stay, you are given a diet and fasting plan and encouraged to continue with the program.
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Will I suffer hunger pangs?
It is natural to feel some hunger at the beginning of the fast, but this normally ceases by the second day. However to overcome this temporary inconvenience our doctor may prescribe a special hunger-suppression agent at the start of the program.

Dr. Roy Walford interview about calorie restriction dieting and life extension:


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Arcady Economo, Ph.D, Pharm.D. (Anti-Aging Center Europe). An expert on anti-aging through fasting and caloric restriction. Presentation of the method


Arcady Economo, Ph.D, Pharm.D. Anti-Aging Center Europe. An expert on anti-aging drugs and fasting methods

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 and caloric restriction 

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